It is conceivable


Dondi and Captain Don

• That Dondi, or an alike could,
• Considering the worlds thirst for Eco Tourism,
• Re-ignite or establish a comic based on Bonaire.
• Using environmentally true facts as its storyline,
• The island host would be Captain don/
• Visiting environmental warriors would be interviewed.
• The athletic interview becoming a part of the comic.

Pedro Rodriquez from Mohaulla Brazil ( a real person) is noted for his outstanding fight for the preservation of the rainforest. His adventure’s in Brazil are exciting and noteworthy. Pedro is invited to Bonaire. (Comp) to share his story with the world via the Dondi comic.

Over the years, Bonaire has become a hero, a pace setter, with an aquatic attitude that has made a world wide impact. It was Bonaire who first established a truly symbiotic relationship with our reefs, a man/sea concept for the entire aquatic world to follow. Today, Bonaire has become the center of universal reef conservation. Bonaire is to reef conservation what Greenwich is to time. Small, unknown, yet every conservationist in the world knows of us and is now starting to...steal our thunder.

It is only natural that Bonaire be the host for such an undertaking. To ride this Eco Tourism tsunami all the way to the beach. Around the world we seek our alike’s:

. The Pioneers of earth’s last frontier.

Captain Don and his Friends, by Dominique Serafini

Find here a fast rough draft of a possible. The idea. This is the entire pix, All assorted stuff using a standard type format. Ideas are just coming together; By Dominique Serafini, June 10th 2002

More adventures with Dondi and Captain Don
Syn, Chicago Tribune 76

Jacques Cousteau, by Dominique Serafini

A sample of a comic of Jacques Cousteau adventures as told by the wonderful authentic drawings of Dominique Serafini who is now a Bonaire resident.

Dominique and I feel that an Eco Comic dealing with real life events particularly when known to be coming from Bonaire will bait syndicated press. (which will guarantee easily 4 million readers.)

We have experienced what Irwin Hazen had done for Bonaire with only a weeks exposure. Dominique and I are talking a full time comic which will run without limit. The characters have already been invented. The star will be Monique a young French Volcanist Transplanted, as Papillon ( the butterfly) had many years before from French Guiana to the Antilles. I do the script.

It is helped that in the future, after proven successes of the Eco Comic that a Boniarean protegee trained by Domminique take over the art department.

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