The Cross Over

Jack'i BernabelaHello! I'm Jack'i

A video screenplay

by the ®Wicked Mind's Eye of Captain don/Bonaire, N.A.

with Captain Don and a local cast of hundreds



The true purpose of this 28-minute video play is to seal the gap which exists between the tourist, and locals, which, for the most, haven't the foggiest idea of what the other is up to--What a tourist does on their island and how they preconceive Bonaire. It is also imperative to close the wound that exists from the tourists' side, as they haven't the wildest idea about the inhabitants that make up the community in which they are vacationing.

Jack'i stars in the videoJack'i's roll is to seal this wound bringing each side together to the other in what are considered tourist-related atrractions, i.e., diving, windsurfing, and kayaking, for example. These are things so far afield from the Bonairean concept of just what a tourist does, and why they have come to visit Bonaire in particular. There is so much of Bonaire that is left under the rug when a tourist returns home. And it is the job of this special video to close this gap and convey the honest, fantastic relativity of Dushi Bonaire. Jack'i's Bonairean through and through--a gifted artist who has been trained in Drama and the wide field of historical information, crafts, costumes, and lore. She is extremeley attractive with a radiating gift, that, although from Hollywod myself, I have rarely seen. Thus, as the author if Hi Jack'i, I have chosen Jack'i Bernabela as center focus and star.


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