The Accolade
No longer a quest -
But a crusade of the first dimension.

The Crop Circle of Silbury, England, August 25, 2002
The crop circle of Silbury England
August 25th, 2002

The formation that appeared close to Silbury hill used three central themes. Firstly, the five pointed star, embodiment of the geometry of all living things. Secondly, we notice that between each of the points of the star there are 13 small triangles. Finally, the whole design is contained within an outer circle. Symbolically this formation could be read as talking about the transformation of all life. Whether by accident or by design, it is an implicit understanding of this message which draws us to this formation.

Model of the Accolade
Artist's Rendition of the Accolade
Model built by myself August 29, 1996
Rendition by Onno Greiner August 1997

Please notice the dates of these three pictures. The Model and the Accolade concept were conceived almost seven years to the day before the advent of the Silbury crop circle. The rendition by Greiner, a year later. This Author does not believe in omens, spiritual signs, or callings. But strange, is it not?

The Accolade Concept

The Accolade is conceived to be a multinational salutation, an award, and a monument to recognize, acclaim, and honor the ocean pioneers of earth's last frontier, the underwater diving community of the world.

The island of Bonaire has been acknowledged for her leadership role as a pace setter and, further, as a vanguard of worldwide standards for ocean/reef conservation. Thus it is conceived that the Accolade should be placed on the soil of the island which has pioneered in this as ongoing symbiotic relationship with our oceans.

It is further conceived that the monument must be placed in a prominent and visible location to be openly displayed and viewed by all persons.

Bonaire truly deserves the right to host this most prestigious shrine. Bonaire's genius is not only in its ability to implement its man/sea doctrine, but also to serve as a drawing board to spread her environmental magic to others worldwide.

The Accolade is a monument to recognize not only environmental achievements around the world, but also to honor the pioneers that are no longer with us.

Bonaire is the undisputed leader of Caribbean reef conservation and is perceived by all as the birth place of universal reef ecology. It is said that Bonaire is to reef conservation what Greenwich is to time. Small, relatively unknown, yet every concerned conservationist in the world is following her example.

If there is any thing in Bonaire's history to which she has earned the right, it is to host the Accolade.

The Reason

Bonaire's deserved pride in her environmental achievements makes it paramount to direct her ongoing energies to promote an ever stronger environmental leadership, and to continue the man/sea symbiosis now called sustainable tourism to ensure that Bonaire's global conservation leadership will continue to influence others the world over.

Bonaire stands first and above all others in these continuous undertakings and therefore merits and deserves to be awarded the privilege to host the Accolade, a symbol of its radiating global leadership. The Accolade further symbolizes acknowledgment of our outstanding leadership responsibilities.

Bonaire is perceived as the center of world sea/reef conservation and maintains her environment by a variety of necessary means. The impressive fact that Bonaire established the first island wide Marine Park with a comprehensive marine ordnance puts her in a realm of her own.

The Accolade is a monument to embody the recognition of our early awareness that sea destruction is daily becoming more evident and our tolerance less patient, and that it is imminent that the solution to world/sea destruction be found within the ranks of our own diving community. We have no doubt as to where the responsibility lies. It is none other than with ourselves, the divers who are Pioneers of Earth’s Last Frontier.Rundraising Bumper Sticker

I personally want to build it. This website is not only a fund raiser, but a call to friends who might assist in this mission.

I envision a building like a star which would appear to float within a reflecting pond. A building of glass, in the shape of a star, is the roof. The entire scene would be on a round platform which would encompass five one meter high daises creating a ring, whereupon bronze name plates would be attached in a manner somewhat like the Vietnam war memorial.

In the hundreds of projects that I have undertaken on Bonaire I have known no failures. May Allah be with us, as we venture out on this project. Be assured I shall tolerate no failure here either.

I have promised a cover story on either the Time or News week magazine. I am confident that the Accolade project will fly.

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